Mittwoch, 5. November 2008

Path of Remembrance - Hidayat Inayat-Khan

Teachings on the Singing Zikar of Hazrat Inayat Khan

The word 'Zikar' means 'remembrance'. Remembrance of the Presence of God. The practice of Zikar is the repetition of the sacred sentence: "La El La Ha El Allah Hu", which means "Nothing exists save God, God alone is". The practice of Zikar is a deep and profoundly mystical practice. The more it is explored the more is there to explore.

The Singing Zikar is one of the most beautiful legacies of Hazrat Inayat Khan given to his mureeds. It is a melodic Zikar based on an Indian raga, a melodic pattern in accompaniment with the syllabics "La El La Ha El Allah Hu". The Singing Zikar gives a deep mystical experience and carries one, like the flying carpet in fairy tales, right up into Heaven.

This book of Hidayat Inayat-Khan is a beautiful and extensive guide to every mureed who wishes to practice the Singing Zikar.

Petama Project Edition ISBN 978-3-907643-05-1 € 15.-- / CHF 25.--

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