Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2016

Gold Digger Words of Hz. Mevlânâ Jelâleddin Rûm-î

Gold Digger Words
of Hz. Mevlânâ Jelâleddin Rûm-î

'Gold Digger Words' are aphorismen of the Sufi of Konya.
On the occasion of the 800th birthday of the great Sufi a booklet of commemoration named 'Hz.Mevlana'Dan Güzel Sözler' was published in Turkey.

Eight years later a dear friend gave me a copy as a present, and I carried it with me, tried to understand the English translation of the original. 'Güzel Sözler' means 'Beautiful Words', and in the course of the first nine months of this year 2016 I began to wash and sieve the meaning of these words, as the Gold diggers did in the pioneer years of the USA.

My wish in this is simple: May we remember that we are human beings, deeper and more lively than that which sometimes appears as a reality at the surface. Much joy exploring!

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